TBI v1.1 is a thing that will definitely happen

TBI v1.1 is currently being worked on, probably only a week or so away. Here's a video of it:

And here's a changelog. This doesn't list everything, though - there are a number of things left for the player to discover.

- Added "low-fidelity" mode - if enabled, the game renders at half resolution with a reduced color depth
- Pixel scale can optionally be adjusted in the config file for a better low-fidelity look on higher resolutions
- Added new props and scenery to the level generator
- Walls and trees can now spawn with different mesh variations
- Improved particle visuals for fire and meteors
- Pineapple has been given a brain transplant
- Pineapple incubation office now much more detailed and interesting
- Better looking destruction effects for statues, etc
- The quadcopter is now better at displaying where pellets are
- Deatomizer given a laser sight and can now shoot down meteors, if you aim well enough
- End screen now displays seconds as well as minutes
- Minor GUI visual improvements, sounds added
- Added freshly-brewed HYPER BEAN(tm) coffee
- Slightly increased movement speed and sprint duration
- Fixed portal effects not actually continuing
- Fixed items occasionally spawning in walls
- Fixed bug where invalid rooms could still partially generate
- Fixed running footsteps not playing properly

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